The French Riviera

Hello everyone! I took a little time to write some sloppy lines about my wonderful adventure discovering the French Riviera. This will be the first blog post from my travel series that I will start on here as well. Hopefully you will enjoy those kinds of articles too because as much as I love make up, I enjoy travelling and discovering new places. 🙂


For my first day I decided to try something different and fun, something that I can’t do everyday and that will create fun new memories. So, I tried for the first time Paddle Boarding!




The second day I had a full one! In the morning I found out that every week there is a big market organized in the tiny city I stayed so I decided to go, buy french stuff and take colurful photos. 🙂



The following day was my favorite one because I finally got to visit the famous St. Tropez. I put on my comfiest shoes, and I was ready to explore! Here are some photos I took!



Tip: Always wear the most comfortable shoes when you travel and walk all day! 🙂





I hope you enjoyed walking with me through the tiny streets of St. Tropez, and discovering new places from the wonderful French Riviera. I will leave down here some photos that did not fit in before.



XOXO’s Ilinca

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