10 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Hello everyone! Today I thought that I would share with you my top 10 beauty hacks that every girl should know and that I do actually use on a day to day bases. So if I made you curious, keep on reading!:)


Number 1: Coconut Oil
-We all know how hard it is to maintain our hair healthy and how expensive hair care products can be sometimes. So, for my number one and most loved beauty hack, I present to you: the Coconut Oil! Yes, that’s right, the ingredient that most of you already have in your kitchen but don’t actually pay enough attention to, can become your hair savior! You’re welcome! 🙂
-Also, coconut oil can be used to moisturize your hands, feet, and even face, as it is a very good and affordable moisturizer for dry skin.
-Another thing that I like to use Coconut Oil for is to take my make up off. Especially eye make up, as it does a really nice job in getting rid of waterproof mascara.

Number 2: Get the most out of your favorite mascara
Everyone has their favorite mascara and when it begins to dry out and not work as it used to, I will not lie, I get a little sad. So what you have to do is fill up a bowl with hot water and let the mascara tube in there for 5 minutes. Just like that, you can still get good use out of your old mascara!

Number 3: Take the pigmentation of your eyeliners to the next level!
We all know how annoying it is to buy an eyeliner that has really bad pigmentation but the color happens to be your favorite. All you need to do is to get your lighter and hold the liner’s tip above the flame for 1 second. This will transform your liner!

Number 4: Eye primer hack!
If you happen to have discoloration on your lids and the little annoying blue veins that keep ruining your eye shadow looks, use concealer as your lid primer. Concealers usually have good coverage so by putting it on your lid before eye shadow, it will cover the discoloration and make the eye shadows show even better.

Number 5: Precise Eyeliner
If you are like me and have always struggled with winged eyeliner, this next hack will change your life! All you need is some scotch tape and eyeliner. Apply the tape like I did in the pictures below and then you can be as sloppy as you want. After you take off the sticky tape, you will be left with the most fierce wing! 😉

Number 6: Fall out? Sticky tape to the rescue!
I know the awful feeling after using glitter and have it all fall on your cheeks… Don’t panic, you don’t have to take off your face make up in order to get rid of the glitter. All you’ll need is some sticky tape. Place the scotch tape on the parts of your face where the eye shadow or glitter fell and it will all get stuck to the tape and look like nothing ever happened!

Number 7: Mascara all over our lid?!
We all hate it when that happens and the biggest mistake we all made is trying to wipe it away as soon as possible. The answer to this problem is patience. You have to wait until the mascara is completely dry on your lids and then take a clean cotton ball and flick it off in circular motions . Then you can reapply a bit of eye shadow and you are good to go!

Number 8: Quick and easy glitter nail polish removal!
We’ve all experienced how hard glitter nail polish is to remove. It’s like stuck and not letting go without a fight. The solution to this is funny and much more easier than the traditional way. First, all you will need is some cotton pads, scissors, scotch tape and acetone. Cut the cotton pads in two equal pieces, apply acetone on them, put ’em on your nails and secure it with the help of scotch tape. Wait for about 5 minutes and the glitter should come right off!

Number 9: Cheep alternative for brush cleaning mat
You know the expensive brush cleaning mats that Sigma makes and all youtubers and make up artists own? The cheep alternative I have for those is a silicone oven mitt that will practically do the same exact thing for a lot less money.

Number 10: Dry nails in 1 minute
You’ve just painted your nails and have to go out the door, change clothes or actually just use your hands? Here is a trick that I just started using and it works wonders. Get a bowl of cold, freezing water and stick your nails in it. The low temperature will get your nail polish to dry very fast!


Here are my tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis and that make my life easier. I hope that I helped some of you and that I taught you guys something new!

Until next time,
XOXO Ilinca

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