The Perfect Pamper Evening

Guide to total relaxation or Pamper Routine

There’s nothing better than a good old pamper evening to get you ready and most importantly relaxed for the week ahead!
To properly call this a relaxing pamper evening I have some tips and tricks which I hope will be useful!








1 Run a bath
2 Add a bath bomb
3 Take of your make up
4 Light some scented candles
5 Apply a face mask and hop in the bath tub! 🙂
Firstly the most important thing to do is run a bath. Personally I like to wash my hair first, apply a hair mask and then get into the bath tub. This way, my hair will have time to receive all the benefits from the hair mask I applied before.

To make it all come together and to take it to the next level, I would suggest throwing in your favorite bath bomb. My obsession at the moment is the Intergalactic Bath Bomb by L.U.S.H. It is moisturizing for the skin, nourishing and fun! Plus it has glitter in it!!!

Secondly, I would suggest taking off your makeup and washing your face afterwards, to allow the steam from the bath to open your pores. Then apply your favorite face mask and jump in! 🙂 At the moment I am using 2 face masks, for 2 different purposes. One, the Sephora sheet mask, to nourish and balance my skin and the other to purify it. (I will get into more detail when I will post my skin care routine so stay tuned).

Lastly, get your favorite book or your phone and relax for a good half and hour! Don’t forget after you get out of the bath to apply your favorite moisturizer and argan oil on the split ends of your hair!

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

XOXO’S Ilinca




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